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by Farzaneh Sarlak permanent makeup artist

Farzaneh Sarlak Blue Book
Born in 1986
Multi Artist Farzaneh has been interested in drawing and painting since childhood, and later she has gained a professional status in miniature painting.
With the same enthusiasm she has studied music and plays both guitar and piano.
She is educated in accounting, but the subject has never sparked anything creative in her!
Has worked for several years as a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for brides, a prestigious subject in Iran.
Similarly, she has worked through several successful years of eyelash expansion and creative nail design.
A highlight of her career is the long period in which she has combined all her artistic skills for Permanent Makeup. In this sensitive and elegant subject she has been so skilled and so satisfying that she received a prize from the board of the company she worked for.
This enabled Farzaneh to upgrade its art and knowledge in countries such as France, Germany, Serbia, Turkey and Denmark, thereby acquiring the latest methods.
All of this has for Farzaneh been a prelude to a more general subject, namely cosmetic tattoo. A large area that has released and encouraged farzaneh's art and creativity so far and where she has been working enthusiastically for several years. Here, she has also addressed the challenges and developed her own methods and initiatives, such as three-dimensional eyebrow tattoo, received by her customers with great satisfaction.


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