Microblading 3D Eyebrows

Microblading is a manual technique of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo) where we use a sterile single micro thin blade consisting of 18-21 Micro Needles, drawing hair on the skin (small thin scratches on the skin) and deposits pigments in the scratch.

With a specific and precise depth (quite superficially, with caution) we draw some hairs that lie on top of each other and follow the direction of hair growth (if the client has hair).

This should be done with caution by the therapists. If the therapist cuts the skin too deeply and deposits pigments in the wrong depth, the result is blue / gray, which is not satisfactory for the client.

In contrast, if treatment does not cut deep enough, the color fades already after first treatment. Then assess the client's skin type and choose the right shade, as well as age skin color, skin type and skin tone. There are several different factors that a therapist needs to take into consideration to get a great Microblading result. The therapist's knowledge and experience plays a major role in the final outcome.

3D eyebrows
Some call the microblading eyebrow for the 3D brow, that's a wrong perception. Just because of the fact that hair is drawn, it is not even significant that it can be called 3D eyebrows.
3D eyebrows are understood to mean that when you look at the brows from different angles, you should be able to see dimensions in the brows.
Like 3D tattoos on the body.

With a special technique, you are tattooing the hairs in different directions among the existing hair. This creates more fullness, and if you do not have many hairs, you can mix Microblading (tattooing hair) with Micropigmentation (tattoo shadow)



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