What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a technique in cosmetic tattooing where the therapist uses a machine and once sterile micro thin needles leads the pigment into the outer layer of the skin.

That way, we create thousands of microwaves next to each other where shadows on lips, lips and eyeliner are added. The greater the distance between the microwaves, the shadows shine brighter.


Powderbrow, is actually a subset of Micropigmentation technology and is a modernization of the traditional eyebrows tattoo.

Using a special technique, the therapist will create shadow with different color shades in the brows, giving the most natural result.

In most cases, we mix 3-4 different colors to achieve the most accurate color that best suits the client's skin tone and hair color.


Knowledge about color is an art in our industry that has to be mastered to achieve the most natural results.

Ombre brow, to give the brows a nice effect, the therapist will create a lighter shadow at the beginning of the brows and gradually darken the closer we reach the ends.


Correction of Wrong Eyebrows (Color and Shape)

In some cases, there are some traditional brown tattoos that have changed color over time to purple-green-gray-red or orange.

Our goal is to convert the incorrect color to a brown or blonde color hue (depending on the client's skin tone). Here the therapist must choose a precise color and deposit it on old color under the skin.


Some cases of old breast tattoos consist of 2-3 different colors that should be settled / diagnosed until the therapist can find the complementary color to neutralize it.

For the best possible results, the therapist must have a broad knowledge of color.

Color diagnosis and analysis, as well as blend of different colors, is a must for a therapist who will correct an incorrect color.

Since most of the old brown tattoos also have the wrong shape there should also be corrected. It takes longer and requires several treatments Co-ordinated with a new set of eyebrows.

If the client has a big mistake in his brow shape, where we as a therapist cannot correct it with tattooing. Should the client make sure to remove his breast tattoo before starting a new treatment.

For the correction of old tattoos, consultation is mandatory, so we can evaluate what the best solution is for the client.



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